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Small business tax deductions are on all small business owners' mind when preparing to file taxes. What small business tax deductions can I take? Most people want to utilize as many small business tax deductions as possible. But, only a small group of small business owners actually make use of all small business tax deductions available to them. Some small business owners know of all small business tax deductions provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but fail to make use of them when they file taxes.

You often hear that there are almost countless number of small business tax deductions a small business can use when filing taxes. But, when you go to prepare your taxes at HR Block or other tax preparation companies, you are not taking advantage of that many small business tax deductions. Also, when you prepare your own taxes and file online, you often overlook a bunch of small business tax deductions that you once thought would be good to take. Through our research for this Small Business Tax Help website, we have interviews many small business owners to find out what small business tax deductions they usually make use of. We found that most small business owners we talked to planned to take small business tax deductions but when the time comes to actually take the small business tax deductions, they often overlook some deductions that could have major impact on their tax bills and how much they need to pay the IRS.

Below are many useful resources to help you as a small business owner make good use of the small business tax deductions that Uncle Sam has kindly provided you.

Small Business Tax Deductions resources

Small business tax deductions

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