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  • Small Business Tax Help website offers free tax resources to help small businesses prepare their taxes. Through our Small Business Tax Help Center, we are able to provide many resources for small business owners and self employed individuals online.
  • There are many small business tax help tips that will help any small businesses and small business owners when preparing taxes.
  • Free tax help is available from many places including the IRS. If you are looking for free tax help, this section is right for you.
  • The IRS tax forms are free. You can request any IRS tax forms you need to prepare and file your taxes from the IRS directly.
  • IRS tax help is the most useful free tax help available to tax payers and small businesses. The IRS tax help is available online, over the phone, by fax and through IRS offices.
  • When you operate a small business, you will have to report your business income and pay business tax to the IRS on the profits you make on your business.
  • If you own a small business, you need to know what business taxes you may have to deal with. There are basic business taxes requirements that you need to comply with to not get into trouble with the IRS.
  • An S corporation income tax is filed using the IRS tax form 1120S or the US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation.
  • A C corporation income tax is reported on the IRS tax form 1120 or 1120-A which is the US Corporation Tax Return or US Corporation Short Form Income Tax Return.
  • Estimated tax is an IRS tax requirement for some individuals and businesses. It is important to file and pay estimated tax so that you will not incur more taxes or penalties from the IRS.
  • Corporations need to file and pay estimated tax. Estimated tax for corporations is filed using the IRS tax form 1120-W or the Estimated Tax for Corporations worksheet.
  • A tax software for small business will greatly help the small business when it comes to filing taxes and keeping track of all the expenses to itemize for small business tax deductions.
  • Filing business taxes is necessary if you are running a business. Different business legal structures are required to use different tax forms for filing business taxes.
  • When filing a tax return, a taxpayer needs to know if he or she can be classed as a self employed taxpayer or not because a self employed taxpayer can be subject to more tax resulting from self employment.
  • Below is a self employment tax guide for any taxpayers who are in business for themselves. Self employment tax is sometimes called just SE tax.
  • Below is self employment tax help, tips and laws as well as self employment tax rate. Not everyone who is self employed need to file and pay self employment tax.
  • The self employment tax you owe is not paid directly to the government. Instead the self employment tax is handled as part of your income tax, unlike tax withholdings reported on W-2 forms and certified on W-4 forms.
  • If a self employed business owner earns more than $400 in self employment earnings, then he or she needs to pay self employment tax.
  • The self employment tax rate for 2007 is 15.3% for any self employed individuals making $400 or more in self employment income. The self employment tax rate remains at 15.3% up until the net self employment earning of $97,500.
  • The definition of a statutory employee is a person that is treated partly as an employee and partly as a self employed individual.
  • Schedule C of the IRS tax form 1040 is called Profit or Loss from Business. Self employed individuals are required to file Schedule C tax form.
  • Below is direct seller tax information for anyone in the direct sale business. Many US taxpayers are direct sellers owing a home business or small business.
  • Below are business tax information for different business forms. Whether a business is a small business or a large business, the tax treatment of the business depends on its legal structure or form.
  • Even a small business can be formed as a corporation. A corporation needs to file a corporation tax return whether it has taxable income or not.
  • When a corporation is small, it may be able to use the IRS form 1120 A rather than the full IRS form 1120. Below are criteria that a corporation must satisfy to be able to use the short IRS form 1120 A which is a lot easier to fill out than the full IRS form 1120.