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List of Business Tax Credits

Below is a list of general business tax credits. In general business credits carry forward from the previous year to the current tax year. A business owner may have to complete the IRS tax form 3800 for claiming business tax credits.

Business tax credit list

Business tax credit
IRS tax form
Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit Form 8911
Alternative motor vehicle credit Form 8910
Biodiesel and renewable diesal fuels credit Form 8864
Credit for alcohol used as fuel Form 6478
Credit for contributions to selected community development corporations Form 8847
Credit for employer social security and Medicare taxes paid on certain employee tips Form 8846
Credit for employer-provided childcare facilities and services Form 8882
Credit for increasing research activities Form 6765
Credit for small employer pension plan startup costs Form 8881
Disabled access credit Form 8826
Distilled spirits credit Form 8906
Empowerment zone and renewal community employment credit Form 8844
Energy efficient appliance credit Form 8909
Energy efficient home credit Form 8908
Indian employment credit Form 8845
Investment credit Form 3468
Low sulfur diesel fuel production credit Form 8896
Low income housing credit Form 8586
Mine rescue team training credit Form 8923
New markets credit Form 8874
Nonconventional source fuel credit Form 8907
Orphan drug credit Form 8820
Qualified railroad track maintenance credit Form 8900
Renewable electricity, refined coal and Indian coal production credit Form 8835
Welfare to work credit Form 8861
Work opportunity credit Form 5884