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IRS Tax Forms

The IRS tax forms are free. You can request any IRS tax forms you need to prepare and file your taxes from the IRS directly. When filing with the IRS, you need federal tax forms or federal income tax forms which can be obtained as follows.

Free IRS tax forms by phone or online
IRS tax forms

Most IRS tax forms are available on the IRS website. You can also call the IRS and request particular free tax forms that you need. Federal tax forms are only used when filing with the IRS. State tax forms are different and you need to obtain from the state where you file.

Free IRS tax forms by fax
Free tax forms

IRS faxes are among the resources offered to tax payers to help them prepare and file taxes. For example, if you are in need of IRS tax forms, you can call the IRS from a fax machine and the IRS will fax you back an index of many most wanted IRS tax forms.

You can then choose which IRS federal tax forms to recieve. There is a limit of how many IRS tax forms you can request a day but requesting free federal tax forms by fax is still very convenient.