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How to Claim Business Tax Credits?

In order to claim business tax credits, a business has to obtain appropriate IRS tax forms to claim each business tax credit. The IRS tax form for claiming each business tax credit is shown alongside the description of the business tax credit.

How many tax forms must a business fill out to claim business tax credits?

A business must fill out at least as many tax forms as the number of business tax credits claimed. Sometimes, the IRS tax form 3800 also needs to be filed to claim business tax credits. See the rules and requirements for filing the IRS tax form 3800.

Who must file the IRS tax form 3800 for General Business Credit?

A business must also file the IRS form 3800 if the business has any of the credits listed on the list of business credit page other than:

  • work opportunity credit
  • credit for alcohol used as fuel
  • the renewable electricity, refined coal and Indian coal production credit,
  • the empowerment zone and renewal community employment credit
  • the credit for employer social security and Medicare taxes paid on certain employee tips

How to Claim Business Tax Credits