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Help with Social Security

If you need help with social security issues, you should contact the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration can give you help with social security problems as well as giving social security disability help and more.

There are also social security help groups that can help with social security issues you are facing. Usually, people don't know what to say help get social security. Going to one of the social security help groups can be a good start. You can find out by talking to others in the social security help groups what to say to help get social security.

Help with Social Security

Social Security Administration for small businesses

Copy A / Form W-2 Reporting:

If you have questions about wage reporting or submitting Copy A of Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration's Employer Reporting Service at 800-772-6270 or email to

If you have questions regarding general SSA benefits, then you should refer your questions to the Social Security Administration's Tele Service Center at 800-772-1213.