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Free Tax Help

Free tax help is available from many places including the IRS. If you are looking for free tax help, this section is right for you. We will tell you where to go for free tax help for both individual tax filing and business tax filing.

Along with free tax help, you can also find free tax software help, free tax filing help, free tax preparation help, free tax estimator help, and ask tax question free resources. There are places to go for free online tax filing, but you usually have to purchase other tax filing or tax preparation products or services to get access to free online tax filing. However, there are other free tax help places that will greatly help you file taxes and prepare taxes.

Free tax help resources and information

The first place that offers free tax help is the IRS. The IRS offers free income tax help for businesses, corporations, individuals and other entities. The IRS has many resources and free tax help available to the public and a vast majority of the public do use the services offered by the IRS. That is why around April 15, it is virtually impossible to get in touch with the IRS due to call volumes. The IRS is swamped with tax payers trying to get information and free tax help in the last minute.

Most free tax help services and resources by the IRS are available all year round. You can call the IRS, fax the IRS or use the IRS website to gather free tax help information. The IRS also provides free tax forms, free online tax help and answer your tax questions free.

Why do the IRS provide free tax help and resources?

The Internal Revenue Service or the IRS wants to collect taxes from tax payers and they don't want to double their work when tax payers file incorrectly. So, the IRS is very keen on educating individuals, small businesses, and other types of businesses how to file taxes properly. Through education, the IRS hopes that all tax payers will fulfill their tax responsibilities. Therefore, the IRS provides many free tax publications that are available through the IRS both online and off line. The IRS also provides information in the form of CDs and other educational materials.

Tax free help from the IRS is especially useful for tax payers because if the IRS gives it then the IRS is held accountable. On the other hand, if you get free tax help from another source, you may not be able to hold anyone accountable when you get into trouble with the IRS. The IRS probably will not listen to you if you say, you read the free tax help information in a book, a website, or you were helped by a retired CPA whose name you did not get. So, watch out where you get your free tax help from, it could work against you and earn you an IRS audit!