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Business Tax Extension

Sometimes a business or a corporation needs to file business tax extension form or corporate tax extension request form. A business or a corporation more often than individuals encounters problems that prevent them from filing business taxes on time.

Examples of why a business tax extension might be needed:

  • The business might have delays in getting customers and vendors' records
  • accounting problems
  • delays in consolidating records from parent company or subsidiaries
  • incomplete documents regarding pension, profit sharing, 401k, and employee plans
How can a corporation obtain business tax extension?

When a business needs more time to file business tax return or information return, the business can file for business taxpayers extension form request or IRS Tax form 7004. The IRS tax form 7004 is called the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return.

How long is a corporate tax extension?

When filing the IRS tax form 7004, you will get an automatic corporate tax extension of six months to file your corporation's income tax return.

A separate corporate tax extension form is needed for information returns. Filing this corporate tax return extension is not the same as obtaining tax payment extension. The corporation needs to send in estimated taxes owed to the IRS with the corporate tax extension form.

Business tax extension

How to obtain a tax filing extension for information return?

In order to obtain a corporate tax extension for information return, you need to file IRS tax form 8809 or the Request for Extension of time to File Information Returns. However, this IRS tax form 8809 does not guarantee you a corporate tax extension for information returns.  You need to convince the IRS why you need the tax filing extension.